International Project on GMO Environmental Risk Assessment Methodologies

The GMO ERA Project is a pioneering initiative driven by public sector scientists, most of whom have strong expertise in environmental science, as well as biotechnology and socioeconomics. The project has identified and developed scientific methodologies and teaching tools that can be used for environmental risk assessment (ERA) and management of transgenic plants, in accordance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and other international agreements.

The third project book has been published by CABI

Cover of Volume 4: Challenges and Opportunities with Bt Cotton in Vietnam

Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms, Volume 4: Challenges and Opportunities for Bt Cotton in Vietnam. Find out how to order here.







Read the final report on the first two phases of the Project: (2002-2007)

Cover of GMO ERA Final Report

GMO ERA Project, Final Report for Phases I and II. Download the report here (PDF).








The PFOA Handbook is available for download

Cover of PFOA Handbook

Problem Formulation and Options Assessment Handbook: A guide to the PFOA process and how to integrate it into environmental risk assessment (ERA) of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)